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Houses of Parliament

The South African Houses of Parliament are situated in Cape Town and are divided into three main parts: the 1884-completed original structure, as well as expansions built in the 1920s and 1980s.

The National Council of Provinces, the upper chamber of the bicameral South African Parliament, is housed in the old edifice, while the National Assembly, the lower house, is housed in the more recent additions.

.. The subsequent expansions were made to mix in with the original building, which was constructed in a Neoclassical style with elements of Cape Dutch architecture.

The South African Heritage Resources Agency has designated the Houses of Parliament as a National Heritage Site and granted them grade 1 national heritage status, the highest designation possible via SAHRA

.. A massive fire that started on January 2, 2022, seriously damaged Parliament House.

The Houses of Parliament have their entrance on Parliament Street and are situated in the topmost corner of Company Gardens.

.. The British initially established a legislative council for the Cape in 1835, but the creation of a truly representative parliament in 1853 was the result of protests against a plan in London to turn the colony into a prison settlement.

.. The Houses of Parliament are a well-liked tourist destination for both inhabitants and tourists in Cape Town, which is now a contemporary city with tall office buildings and pedestrian malls.

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