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Tessy Travel and Tours is based in Cape Town based Tour Operator specialising in Private Personalised Cape Town Tours. The best way to experience Cape Town is to have your itinerary focused on your interests and our job is to assist you in making this happen and our client is our priority,We work with you to curate luxurious, bespoke experiences of South Africa’s ‘mother city’ and the surrounding regions.

Our Cape Town Tours combine intimate local knowledge and world-class refinement. From the iconic landmarks that have made this one of the world’s most beloved destinations to the best-kept secrets that few ever get to enjoy, we show off Cape Town in all its splendour and variety.

At TTT we put people first. We are committed to offering service and creating experiences that cater to each client’s individual needs, so that your visit to Cape Town is unique and unforgettable. Explore the world’s most beautiful city with Tessy Travel and Tour. To book your Cape Town experience or learn more about our services, get in touch with us via WhatsApp, email or live

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